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July 1998

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Mrs. Young's
Monthly Ed Newsletter
Vol. 1  No. 1     July 1998        Monthly Companion for Subscribers of...
Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage

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 Welcome to the premiere issue! I created:
Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage:   http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/garston/49/index.html

to fill a need that I as an educator and parent feel is needed. It is central location in which to find a ready reference of some of the best education sites on the web. Content is geared towards that information sought after by teachers, parents and students. The focus is grades K-12. The site is constantly changing, as new topics are listed for further development as requests are submitted to me. Material is a mixture of my own insights, and links to outstanding sites in the fields. Topics range from children's safe internet fun, to homework help, parenting skills, to teacher resources. This site is easy to navigate and tries to make each topic appealing. I work very hard to assure that ALL of the information is "Family Safe" and is RASCi and Safe Surf rated. Please let me know if my site has been useful, and feel free to make suggestions and report any sites that are no longer appropriate!

It is from the comments and suggestions from you- the visitors of my site, that this newsletter has evolved!

I am very aware of the fact that educators and parents have to squeeze about 37 hours into every 24 hour time frame.  It is with this in mind that I have decided to keep the format of this newsletter brief, and at the same time,  keep you current!

First I want to thank you, my subscribers, for your tremendous out pouring of support for my site.  It is very motivating to feel appreciated and develop such a following.

This is where your comments on my subscription survey come into play. I carefully read all of your suggestions.  I have received many requests and am in the process of acting on many of them.  I also, have too much to do, and not enough time. So these mailings will arrive approximately once a month.



Teachers, parents and students all over the country are ready for well deserved R & R (Reading and Re-evaluating)  [gotcha...]  This is our golden opportunity to go review the past year and reflect on how we put our efforts to use, and explore ways to do even better next year.  

  • What worked?
  • Why did it work?
  • What would I like to cover more in-depth next year?
  • Where can I get the information I need to be best prepared for this task?
To help us find the solutions to these needs I present this newsletter!


Additions to Mrs. Young'sSuper Charged Educational Voyage:

I have added a topic: Constructivist Theory http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/garston/49/construct.html  This is a controversial topic, and I am trying to offer an unbiased list.  Your suggestions are welcome!

There are also some new additions to the following pages:

If anyone has additional sites to suggest-  let me know.  As always, I will check it out.  I reserve the right to list sites that are child safe.  If you go to a site that is on one of my pages, and it is no longer suitable for the target audience of Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational VoyagePLEASE notify me immediately.  I believe firmly in freedom of expression on the internet, but I also believe that audience specific sites must be responsible and accountable to it's intended viewers!


Special Bonus coming up! 
"On-Line Quiz Generators!"


The next issue will have a very special section called: "The Exchange."

This area of the newsletter will give all of us a place to share ideas and experiences directly related to the education of today's youth.  To get started, discuss what is important to you or comment on the following:

  • Do you have a successful lesson plan you'd like to share with us?
  • Multiculturalism is not just a topic in school, it is a fact of life.  Share how you make it work in your classroom.
  • Core Curriculum is becoming the standard.  Do you and/or your school SUBSCRIBE
    to it?  How do you feel about it?
  • Perhaps you had a rewarding teachable moment you grabbed that will motivate us?
  • Did you hear of a new theory that you'd like to discuss?
  • Is there something old that you put a fresh spin on- and just know others will be able to use it too if you could just tell them?
  • If you came up with a new way to explain "2+2", SHARE IT!
  • Are you using technology in your classroom?  How are you incorporating technology into your curriculum?  What are your management techniques?  What are the advantages?  What are the downsides?  We 'd all like to know?
When you send in your contribution, please give me some information so your name, position and school, organization, affiliation (or whatever) can be put with it.  Student teachers, parents and students are welcome to participate.   This can be an exciting opportunity for us to truly network.  Let me know what you think about it! I am also open to new ideas for other sections of this newsletter.  Perhaps you have reviewed a software program, or magazine, or book you would like to share.  Send in your ideas.  This is what professionalism is all about!

This newsletter is free to subscribers, so  please encourage others to subscribe! Issues of this newsletter are archived at the Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage website. Just change the number, back or forward and paste the address in your browser. Feel free to recommend them to a friend or forward this one.

Please send feedback on *Mrs. Young's Monthly News Letter* by e-mail. The address is
mrsycomments@jrydevelopment.com. Until next month,  relax, enjoy and be well....- Janet R. Young

The contents of this news letter do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Janet R. Young, or her company, JRY Development.  JRY Development,  and Janet R. Young make no warranties, either expressed or implied, about the truth or accuracy of the contents of *The Education Newsletter*.

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For questions related to Mrs. Young's Supercharged Educational Voyage or Mrs. Young's Monthly Education Newsletter contact:   mrsyadmin@jrydevelopment.com

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Copyright 1998 JRY Development Corp.  All rights reserved.
You are free to copy and redistribute this newsletter in part or in its entirety to your colleagues with the copyright notice intact.



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