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Janet R. Young - Camera Shy!
Janet R. Young, B.S., M.S.

New York, New York USA
Educator, Developer, Webmaster, Internet Consultant.
Founder and President of
JRY Development Corp. (which sponsors this newsletter.)
Founder and Developer of Educational Voyage Portal Search Engine
The A Plus Learning Place
JRY Education Place Place
Creator and Editor:     
Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage
Creator and Editor and Co-Author:   The EDUCATION COMPANION Newsletter
Owner and Moderator:   The EDUCATION COMPANION Discussion Group
Affiliations:   International Webmasters Association, The HTML Writers Guild, Phenomenal Women of the Web,  WebGrrls - New York,
P.S. 161 URL:    P.S. 161 - The Crown School

For Information about Janet R. Young visit:   www.JanetRYoung.com
Email:    jry@jrydevelopment.com
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Tammy Bailis
Tammy Bailis, B.A.
, M.T.M.

Montréal, Québec
Masters in Teaching Mathematics (Concordia U.)
~Mathways, Volume 1: covering pre-calculus Algebra, Euclidean Geometry and Analytic Geometry.
~Sinostrology: A Guide to the Zoo (published 1998 by The American Federation of Astrologers); (French version published 1990 by les Editions de Mortagne)
~Web site:
The Mathroom
Hear the "Sound of Math" -- Tammy's Music
Tammy's Prize Winning Article:

Email:  mathster@the-mathroom.ca
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Joan Berger
Joan Berger

New York, New York USA
Internet Educational Consultant
Asst.Professor CWPost-LIU
Email: jberger5@concentric.net    jberger@li.net
      A Reference for Students and Teachers" at:
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Bonnie Bracey
Bonnie Bracey

Arlington, Virginia USA
US Educationalist & Presidential Advisor on Education & Technology.
Member of Vice President Gore's Globe Institute and the Online Internet Institute and of the President's National Information Infrastructure Advisory Board, read: Minutes of the Committee on Applications and Technology . A member of the Challenger Center Faculty.
A Christa McAuliffe Educator for the National Foundation of Education.
Author of The Challenge of Introducing Technology.
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Kathy Catapano - Photo coming soon!
Kathleen Catapano

Brooklyn, New York USA
*Professor of Educational Technology at Medgar Evers College, CUNY.
*Former elementary school technology coordinator, teacher and staff developer.
*Founder and co-director of the Books for Africa project.
*Fresh Air Fund co-chairperson for the North Shore, Long Island area.
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Audrey Ciuffo
Audrey Ciuffo, M.S.

Brooklyn, New York USA
School Librarian, Teacher Trainer, Mentor
Library Power at The Crown School
E-mail: aciuffo@ps161.com
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Quentin D'Souza
Quentin D'Souza

Toronto, Ontario
Junior/Intermediate Teacher

Free Stuff For Canadian Teachers
Publications include "The Canadian Teacher" a weekly newsletter geared to Canadian Educators. An article and book review in Professionally Speaking.(March, September 2000) A journal that is distributed to members of the Ontario College of Teachers (30, 000 +). You can view the online version of "Searching for Canadian Educational Content On The Internet" and "Taking Your Kids Online."

Web Sites: Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers and The Frugal Teacher

E-mail: qdsouza@thecanadianteacher.com
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Robin Kagan - Photo coming soon!
Robin Kagan, M.S.

Brooklyn, New York USA
Educator, Author, Speaker
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Sheila and Nate Estes
Sheila Estes

Greentown, Indiana USA
Writer and Guest Speaker.
Mother and caregiver to son with Muscular Dystrophy
Author of Mr. Leviticus, the library kitten.
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Steve Feld
Steve Feld

New York, New York USA
Computer Graphics Instructor, Writer and Guest Speaker.
Affiliations: FluidArts Millénnaire Founding Board Member
Educational Institution: John F.Kennedy High School

Steve Feld is a self-taught Technology in Education International,
National, State-wide and City-wide teacher.

As an outcome of his pioneering efforts of infusing technology into
multidisciplinary K-12, Steve Feld has published the following curricula
pieces which are used to train teachers in New York City public schools:
   Computers in the Art Classroom
   Infusing Critical Thinking Skills in the Middle School
and numerous articles detailing the Learning About Leonardo website for International Society for Technology Education, TechLearning, Leading and Learning through Technology, Global SchoolHouse and Classroom Connect.

In addition Steve's inspiring teaching and coaching has fostered the
development of two key multisector web resources.
   Learning About Leonardo for ThinkQuest
   Special Education

Other sites of interest are:
   Special Needs
   Lesson Plan Fluid Arts Logo Design
   Bridging the Digital Divide
   Character Education
   Uses of Digital Photography
   Curtains Up Lesson Plan
   Gender Equity Issues
   Multicultural Collaboration
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Chris Hastings
Chris Hastings

Actor and Writer
London, England
E mail: cjhastings@hotmail.com
Author of the play Children
Company Director of HRH Productions
Artistic Director of the Royal George Theatre
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Dr. Robert Kizlik, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University, College of Education: social studies, curriculum, educational technology, thinking skills
Member, Phi Delta Kappa, ASCD.
Editorial Board, International Journal of Instructional Media
Publications include articles on dropout prevention, thinking skills, writing objectives, teacher education and the popular culture, curriculum innovation, and using standardized test scores to predict academic success.
My web site is ADPRIMA: Serious educational tools and information.
URL: www.adprima.com E mail: bobk@adprima.com
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Steve McCarty
Steve McCarty

Professor, Kagawa Junior College, Japan

Steve McCarty is an expatriate Bostonian with an international family. He specialized in Asia and then Japan at the University of Hawaii and is now a full Professor - rare for a foreigner in Japan - at Kagawa Junior College, teaching EFL in Mac, Windows and Language Labs. In 1998 he delivered the opening Keynote Address of the Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference. He presented, in Japanese, on distance education at Kyushu Institute of Technology, at a conference session broadcast by two-way satellite to 15 other universities. He was also elected President of the World Association for Online Education until the year 2001. Steve's multilingual Website Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection is an Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 4-star site.
English-Japanese-French-Spanish-Dutch Guide to Shikoku, the Pilgrimage Island of Japan
Technology & Learning Community (TLC): From the Field 3/99
"Turning Online Education into a New Professional Discipline"
The League for Innovation in the Community College.
"An International Family" (autobiographical article)
WAOE Electronic Bulletin (March 28, 1999)
E mail: steve@kagawa-jc.ac.jp
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Dr. Ellen Weber, Ph.D.

Directs MITA Center for Secondary and Higher Education Renewal

Writes regular column on brain breakthroughs for Mensa (MC2) Magazine
Consults with faculty to implement MITA curriculum in several countries.
Email: eweber@email.uophx.edu
Updates renewal news and MITA resources at web address
Web Site: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~rom2/ellen.html
You can read more about MITA for your class, and discover hundreds of MITA learning and assessment tasks in two practical hands-on books listed below:
Weber, Ellen. Student Assessment that Works: A Practical Approach. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon, 1999.

Weber, Ellen. Roundtable Learning: Building Understanding through Enhanced MI Strategies, Tucson, Arizona: Zephyr Press, 1997.
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Michelle Young
Michelle Young

Career Magazine 1996: Multiculturalism In Corporate America: Who Benefits, And Why Should I Care?
Michelle's Multicultural World
Co-author, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow:  Meeting the Challenge of Our Multicultural
America & Beyond
(Caddo Gap Press, 1996)
Forthcoming book: Multicultural Moments from Around the World (1997)
Author, Daydream:  To Our Mosaic World, in progress for K-12
TIPS columnist; SRHS Trivia Trek host
Teacher's Internet Pages; the International Education Webzine-
August 1997 Article: Is there a cultural skeleton in your closet?
TCK World site at "Walking in my Moccasins".
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