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Dr. Ellen Weber: MITA- How are your students smart? 

Dr. Weber further challenges teachers with the question: How do you really know?

August, 22, 2001  MITA learning renewal continues to challenges secondary and university faculty, "HOW ARE YOUR STUDENTS SMART?" During lively discussions which follow, faculty are furthered challenged, "HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW?" MITA learning renewal goes next to work with faculty in every discipline at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and then Weber returns to partner with schools and universities at several key locations in Chile, South America in September. "The industrial age is over, the information age ended in 2000, and MITA supports faculty to learn and assess well in our current Bio-tech age." MITA students are best helped to solve problems, create authentic outcomes and collaborate with others to understand complex concepts. Universities and secondary schools which cling to practices for former industrial or even information ages are being left behind in today's world. MITA partners with teachers and parents who plan to keep step with our bio-tech era, where students learn to succeed in a world they live in rather remain in past eras we have long left behind. Exciting new partnerships are planned for the fall and winter terms. If you wish to find out where we have been or where we are going visit the MITA site at www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~rom2/ellen.html

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